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YourSalesSuccess, Issue #060 - Sales Success, Anthony Robbins
March 16, 2009

YourSalesSuccess e-Zine # 060 – Sales Success, Anthony Robbins - a monthly newsletter series on sales.

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The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck – Anthony Robbins


It has been a while since I last sent out one of these eZines. School holidays here in Australia (December - January) is always a busy time for my other business, as well as the time when many friends and family are on holidays and looking to catch up. Also, much has happened with the global economy crisis and bush fires here in Australia.

But I'm back on deck now and you can expect a eZine every month.

This week I was lucky enough to view a 10 minute talk that Anthony Robbins gave at a high powered get together. During his presentation Tony spoke about "Six Human Needs", basically saying that if we get all these needs we feel fulfilled. From memory he said few people feel fulfilled and that if you get the first 4 of these needs meyt you are likely to feel happy.

What are these needs and how do they relate to sales and the selling profession ?

Lets take a look.

The Six Human Needs

  1. Certainty

    We humans need certainty. If there is too much changing around us we can't cope.

    I am sure you would have all seen some of those stress assessments in popular magazines from time to time and they often ask things like: have you changed jobs, have you moved house, have you recently got married or divorced - all changes.

    Now this is where some people have trouble in a selling career. There is too much change for them. However, in my experience (at least in B2B sales) the people that survive are the ones that are highly organized or the ones that follow a pattern of behavior during a day or week. In either case this increases their certainty in their workday.

  2. Uncertainty

    We humans need some uncertainty. If every day was the same as the day before, (like Ground Hog Day", we would be bored out of our minds. So, that means we all like surprises, NO ! In fact a lot of change, the change we don't want, we call problems.

    Can you imagine working on a production line where all you did all day was take boxes off the end of the line ? No uncertainty, boredom.

    Sales people get the uncertainty in their work life by all the things that come up that they have to deal with. All of those unusual requests, all of those people that are ALL individuals (which is why sales scripts can never be totally effective), all of those objections that get raised.

    How do sales people deal with all this uncertainty ?
    By being prepared. By being flexible in how they deal with people. By being light-on-their-feet. By experience in handling people and objections. By practicing what they are going to say and how they are going to respond to objections.

  3. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Also, Make sure you are prepared to handle sales objections.

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    If you are having trouble dealing with some of the uncertainty in your sales life maybe learning a system to handle objections could help. During this call I’ll also be chatting about some organising techniques I used to use that may help.

    I hope you’ll tune in.

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  4. Significance

    People need to feel valued and important.

    Successful sales people learn to build off their good results and climb the ladder to even more sales and success.

    One of the main reasons I left my job as a production manager many years ago was because of the different mindset between production and sales. In a production job you are expected to get the goods out the door every day, if you do not it's bad. In sales, you are not expected to make every sale. So, often, when you make the big sale or the one your company had never been able to land before you get kudos and recognition.

    As a salesperson you often get to see your results in dollars and cents and that can certainly lead to a sense of significance.

  5. Connection and Love.

    Well, I'm not sure that being a salesperson can lead to love but it certainly gives you the opportunity to connect with a lot of people. And if you practice relationship selling and get lots of repeat business your connections might be many and strong.

    Tony called the above four needs "the personality needs". The next two he defined as "spiritual needs".

  6. Grow

    As people, we all need to grow. The more we grow the more we can give to the world. If you have been in sales for any length of time let me ask you a question. Has being in a sales job caused you to grow ?

    I know I learned a lot from selling and the more responsibility you take on in a selling role the bigger the person you have to be to meet the inevitable challenges that come up.

  7. Finally, Contribution

    As salespeople do we get the chance to contribute ?

    I certainly felt like I contributed.
    My motivation in sales from almost the very beginning was to help people out. If I couldn't help people I got out of their way. This often led me to differences of opinion with my sales managers who believed certain sales needed to be made and had to be made. However, remember what I said earlier about the mindset in sales. As soon as I made other sales, especially unexpected ones, the sales managers became much easier to get along with.

    Looking at it from the other angle I also contributed to my employer. I was a founding member of the last company I worked for. We went from a start-up to A$60,000,000 in sales in about ten years and in every one of those years I was the salesperson with the highest sales dollars and the biggest profits.

So, do you consider yourself lucky to be a salesperson ?

I can say, without a doubt, that I had some of the best times in my life in a direct B2B selling job. I helped a lot of people, I helped my company grow, I grew myself and learned how to be organised and deal with the unexpected AND I have friends today that used to be customers who I haven't sold to for six years.

I hope you can say the same and wake up every morning as I did with an attitude of, "I just can't wait to get to work."

Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

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