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YourSalesSuccess, Issue #051 – Audio Response to Sales Question
June 12, 2008

YourSalesSuccess e-Zine # 051 – Audio Response to Sales Question - a monthly newsletter series on sales.

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Many of us know far more than what we do




recently I received a submission to one of the forms on my website.

The salesperson put a question to me which both interested me and struck a cord with me too.

Unfortunately, the writer did not leave his email address so I cannot answer him directly (which I would have done) so I responded via an audio which is attached to this email.

As you listen I hope his question is interesting to you as well and that my response gives you food for thought.

Simply click the link below to hear his question and my response.

Click Here.

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Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

Note: I am currently travelling and due back home around the 15th of June.

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If you wish to subscribe to this newsletter please go to the subscription page on my website by clicking here.


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My name is Greg Woodley. I have been a successful salesman for 23 years and would like to help other people achieve a successful sales life.

After retiring from full time work I decided to devote my time to helping other sales people achieve their desires.

So, I have been studying coaching and training techniques to ensure I can help you attain YourSalesSuccess.

If you want to discuss a coaching relationship please contact me via the following link and we can arrange a free complimentary session or perhaps you would like to check out some of my thoughts at my website.

Regards Greg

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