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YourSalesSuccess, Issue #046 – 2007, good year or not so good?
December 31, 2007

YourSalesSuccess e-Zine # 046 – 2007, good year or not so good? - a monthly newsletter series on sales.

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It's time to take a deep breath, take personal responsibility for where you're at, learn from the experience, and get busy creating again.

Leslie Householder

Exercise Integrity in your moments of choice.

Steven Covey, author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"

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Well, it's the end of another year.

Has it been a good one for you, or less than you had expected? Did you suffer setbacks?

In reviewing our achievements for the year it is very easy for us to notice all the things we did not accomplish that were "on our list". This is human nature. We are beings who are mostly hard-wired to be always seeking more.

Yet, we need not, nor should not, only focus on what we have failed to achieve. The book “Best Year Yet” by Jinny S. Ditzler suggests we also spend some time noticing what we have achieved. Giving ourselves a pat on the back to give us the motivation to set goals and work towards them again in the new year.

So, in this eZine I’ve included an article I have just read that seemed very appropriate to me given the year that 2007 was for me and I’ll take a brief look at my 2007.

Do yourself a favour and read it.

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The Truth About Setbacks – By Leslie Householder

Have any of your recent decisions flopped? I've had a few of my own, and just before giving up on my dreams, I learned the truth about setbacks.

It all started back in May when my 5-year-old ran inside the house yelling, "Mom, Bethany's lips are blue!!!"

I heard the intense panic in his voice all the way upstairs in my office, and I went numb. I'm not sure my feet even touched the floor as I flew down the stairs and out to the backyard with one intention: to see my 3-year-old well.

My now 8-year-old was by the side of the pool with her, having discovered her floating face-down in the deep end. He had already pulled her out all by himself and was waiting for me, hoping I could make everything all better.

She laid there, lips blue, no heartbeat, and not breathing. My older daughter was crying, and I yelled at her to call 911. She froze, feeling the weight of the situation. "Call 911!" I yelled until she ran inside.

I had failed to keep my 3-year-old safe. Even though I had already taught her how to swim, on that day I failed to be watchful enough.

Subconscious programming took over. My first instinct was to pick her up and lay her over my knee, as I patted her back. That's what I've done for 15 years whenever my babies had trouble breathing... but of course it didn't work because she wasn't choking. There again, I failed. I had one intention in mind: to see her well, and I made a mistake. I did the wrong thing. I failed.

Immediately I turned her over, letting her head hit the deck too hard in my frantic effort to try something else. I blundered again, hurting her in an effort to help her. If she were awake, she may have complained, but there was no response.

Get oxygen to her brain; that's what I had to do. But my CPR training was back in 1991. All those detailed, systematic instructions of what to do were forgotten in this moment. All I knew is that she needed oxygen until the paramedics showed up. I put my mouth over hers and gave her a breath. But it only came rushing out of her nose. Again, I failed.

So I plugged her nose, gave her a breath, and it filled her chest. Common sense told me her brain needed the oxygen... and since her silent heart was designed to do the job, I gave a few chest compressions, and another breath. Another round of compressions, and she began to revive.

Gratefully, she completely recovered. There were, of course, lessons to be learned from this horrific experience. Be more watchful... as if I didn't already know that. A deeper lesson was to comprehend on a whole new level how nothing material matters, so long as our family is intact.

But later, as I finished up the creation of our home study course, I had an even deeper epiphany, which has led me to conclude that I was meant to experience our business setbacks as well as this incident to learn a universal truth that I had never really grasped before. I thought back to our flopped investments, and then I thought about my daughter. Then I realized this:

We make mistakes. With good intentions, we sometimes fail. Nobody achieves success at remarkable levels without experiencing some failure along the way. How we respond to failure is really what determines whether or not we deserve to enjoy success.

We must press on.

With my daughter, in a matter of minutes, I failed four times. What if I had stopped even for a second to bemoan it? There was NO TIME to whine. Her life was on the line, and each failure provided valuable feedback to help me get it right. If I had stopped after any one of my failures, I could have missed the window of time that decides whether she lives or dies, is handicapped or well.

Financial mistakes are no different. If you've experienced a few and are having trouble picking yourself up again, remember that your financial life is on the line.

Take too long to bemoan your setbacks, and it could literally mean financial death or long-term handicap for you. It's time to take a deep breath, take personal responsibility for where you're at, learn from the experience, and get busy creating again. When one door closes, another one always opens; but you'll only find it if you get up and start looking.

About the Author: Leslie Householder is the award-winning two-time best-selling author of "The Jackrabbit Factor" and "Hidden Treasures." She is the co-founder of, a site dedicated to helping people gain more family time and money freedom through principles of prosperity. Trevan and Leslie Householder are the parents of seven children.

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Now I'm not recommending Leslie's work as I'm not personally familiar with it but this article struck a chord with me.

I guess one of the reasons I noticed it was that my wife and I spend a lot of time teaching our 3-year-old granddaughter to swim.

Recently she caught us both by surprise and ran and jumped into the deep end of the pool. Not like her at all as she’s really quite timid.

We reacted very quickly, luckily, because otherwise she would have drowned.

In truth she can swim she just doesn't know it yet and when she jumped into the pool and things didn’t go as she had planned she just panicked. I wonder how applicable that is to many of you out there who are selling?

I set some business goals for 2007 about the number of eZine issues I’d send out during the year and the number of postings I put up on my Blog.

I didn’t achieve those particular goals and I could focus on that. However, if I look at what I did achieve during the year and notice that my focus changed quite a bit I could see that:

  • I grew my website from 21 to 75 pages
  • My website traffic more than doubled, x 2.2 to be exact
  • My eBook sales more than doubled, x 2.3 to be exact
  • My Blog is #1 on Google for my keyword
  • I have set up a Web 2.0 facility on my website
  • I have done a lot of preparation work for some things I’m going to roll out in 2008.
  • So there have been some real positives.
This is much healthier than focusing on excuses and setbacks.

I had plenty of those during 2007. After my mum died in April my wife and I attended a series of funerals, 5 in 8 weeks. A number of close friends died including an old sales mentor of mine. I did have a couple of minor but time-consuming health issues during the year as well.

But, on the positive side of the ledger, my daughter presented us with another grandchild in November. Little Jack is a charmer. Actually, my wife and I spent two weeks helping my daughter in the first few weeks because her husband needed to be away on business. Yes, we had business things to do but it seemed more important to be helping out. Think about the above article and recall the quote from Steven Covey from “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

My wife and I also traveled this year. To Egypt early in the year (a long-time dream for my wife) and to Fiji later in the year for some much deserved R&R.

So, do yourself a favour and think about all you achieved this year. Take the time to feel good about your accomplishments. Then sit down and plan for an even better 2008.

I’ll be back very soon with another issue to herald in 2008.

Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

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