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YourSalesSuccess, Issue #042 – Easily answer any objection
March 29, 2007

YourSalesSuccess e-Zine # 042 – Easily answer any objection you may get. - a monthly newsletter series on sales.

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"Whenever we look upon the earth, the opportunities take shape within the problems."

Nelson Rockefeller 1908-1939

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Is it possible to easily answer any objection ?

Well, that depends on whether you think it is possible (i.e. your outcome expectancy) and what tactic/methods you use to answer the objection (i.e. your skill).

I am not going to try to change your beliefs here today but I will introduce a model for handling objections.

Now the Model for dealing with objections I am about to introduce to you is VERY powerful:

  • It does not stand alone. It needs to be used with other skills such as RAPPORT
  • All the other information on my OBJECTIONS WEBPAGE still applies.
  • There is a skill in using it.
  • Like any skill it requires practice.

So, where did this all begin ?

Let me take you back almost thirty years.
Back to a University campus in California.

There is a bright young student, an academic, a thinker.
He is studying under the tutelage of a young professor who is brilliant and somewhat eccentric. The young student is studying, among other things, linguistics and Modelling.

What is Modelling you may ask ?
Modelling is a process of pulling to pieces how somebody does something in such a way that the skill can be taught to another person or even to a computer and the other person (or computer) can replicate the results of the original. The idea is you find someone who is really good at something and then find out how they do it so that you can train others to do it really well.

Our young student was being dragged here and there by this young professor; to places he may not normally have gone, investigating all sorts of interesting skills that exceptional performers possessed.

The young student noticed something really interesting about his brilliant professor.
The professor loved to debate and argue about things. No matter whether they were on campus or in a bar or in a coffee shop or at a corporation this guy just loved the cut-and-thrust of a good debate.

After a while the student also noticed that this professor was always able to win the debate or at least get others to see his point of view.

He though it amazing that his professor NEVER lost an argument.
The young student thought that this was an interesting skill to model.

Finally, without the knowledge of the professor the student began to model the debating skills of the professor. He began to meticulously plot the twists and turns in the counter arguments the professor used to convince people of his theories.

The student began to uncover patterns in the persuasion moves the professor was making.

After some time the student had come up with 14 ways in which the professor was able to play with the alternate beliefs put forward by the people he was debating with.

These 14 patterns became know originally as "Criteria Utilization Patterns".
(note, there are now 20 patterns)

Later, due to their magical effects in changing peoples views they became know as, "Sleight of Mouth Patterns",

This phrase was based on the sleight of hands phrase that is often used to discuss magicians.

Would you like a demonstration of some of these patterns, ?

Yes ? Of course you would.

Let's say you say to me,
"I can't hire you as a sales coach because I can't afford it."

I might respond as follows:

" that's exactly why you need to hire me, so that you can make more sales and be able to afford anything you want." (Pattern # 2)


" if you always pass up future opportunities based on current circumstances you'll miss out on a lot of good stuff in your life." ( Pattern # 14)


"Often your biggest breakthroughs occur in those moments when it's time to stretch yourself, – stretch yourself beyond your current limitations." (Pattern # 10)

Now, I've left out a bit of information here.
Like how to soften these replies with accompanying language and how to structure the objection to make your response more elegant. However, the brevity should allow you to grasp how the patterns work.

I stress that these are not the only possible replies.
They are examples that follow the particular pattern mentioned but the number of possible replies is limited only by your imagination.

And once you know the patterns and how they fit together it will be much easier for you to use them in the future. So, if you have learned sleight of mouth replies to each of your major objections you won't be thrown into a tailspin if a prospect raises a new objection.

how much would you like to know more about these patterns for responding to objections ? Would you like to be able to confidently respond to any objection you could receive in a sales call ?

How much more effective would that make you ?

How much more confident would you be as you entered into each new sales conversation ?

Happy reading.

Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

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