The Story of Sarah and Tom, Consultants
Part 2

“Rejoining the consultancy journey of Tom and Sarah, their paths, though parallel, were marked by distinct differences in approach and outcomes.

Tom, ever the opportunist, incessantly scoured for the latest way to sign up clients. Daily, he would navigate the myriad of consultancy forums, courses, and webinars, fervently believing the secret to success was in acquiring the perfect closing pitch. He was convinced that there existed some elusive phrasing that would unlock consistent client agreements.

Conversely, Sarah was driven by a passion to genuinely assist. She subscribed to the idea that “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want”. Recognizing consultancy as an ongoing relationship rather than a one-off pitch, her days were filled with active listening and crafting tailored solutions for her clients.

One day, during a peer-review session, Sarah was introduced to a few pivotal questions that seemed to immediately unearth the core needs of potential clients. Armed with these, her consultancy approach transformed. No longer was she merely presenting; she was now genuinely connecting, tailoring her offerings based on what her clients truly desired.
Her new mantra became the ABCs: Always be Caring.

Because of that insight, Sarah delved deeper into the art of questioning. She uncovered a sequence of seven questions that offered her profound insights into her client's decision-making processes, their information processing preferences, and their intrinsic motivators. This newfound depth in understanding exponentially elevated her ability to gain new clients, bolstering her client rapport and subsequently her results.

Inspired by these outcomes, Sarah ventured into the realm of hypnotic language patterns. Recognizing their potential, she integrated them into her language, ensuring her messages resonated more deeply and comfortably with her clients, further enhancing her consultancy success rate.

While Sarah's horizon expanded, Tom remained anchored to his traditional techniques, ceaselessly searching for that perfect script, and disregarding the importance of authentic connections. While he occasionally landed clients, the lack of genuine relationships and trust meant his success was fleeting and often unfulfilling.

Ultimately, while Tom grappled with transient triumphs, Sarah’s approach allowed her to curate a fulfilling clientele, granting her both professional success and personal contentment."

As Sarah soared in her consultancy approach, a looming challenge emerged: tackling intricate sales objections with the finesse she was known for. While she seemed unstoppable in forging connections, there was one area she felt unprepared for – handling sales objection. 

Would this be the stumbling block that tripped her stride?
Concurrently, Tom, with his off-the-shelf responses, seemed to momentarily dodge these objections.
Was he onto a shortcut to success or merely skirting the deeper issues?