Sales Meetings

Having Better Ones

You clicked on the link in the previous page indicating that your sales calls go awry while you are talking to your prospects.

It can be very frustrating , knowing you have a valuable product or service to offer but not being able to get your prospect to understand and appreciate the value.

Sometimes do you wonder if your prospect is from another planet ?
Or at least a different country where they speak a different language ?

That thought may be closer to the truth than you realise.

The fact is you are probably saying things during a sales call that shoot you in the foot.

You see during sales calls (be it face-to-face or on the phone) there are things you are not hearing … things you are not saying and it's costing you your future. Your debt free future with a new home, better clothes and better holidays.

You know it's probably not your fault.

How much training were you given when you started your sales job ?

Were you given any follow up coaching or mentoring ?

And if you were given some training how useful was it ? 

Was it relevant in today's market ?

Was the training focused on presenting to people or understanding HOW TO INTERACT WITH THE  PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU ?

Rudyard Kipling said "Words are THE most powerful drug used by mankind"

And that's absolutely true.

The thing is, every doctor will diagnose BEFORE they prescribe a drug.

Do you ?

If you could use the right words with the right person at the right time your sales would skyrocket. And if your results are not going through the roof you can bet it has something to do with what you are saying  .. or not saying.

Lets start to fix that now.

On this page is a form where you can enter your name and email and answer a few simple questions. Fill in that form and I'll send you the "Successful Sales Meeting" mind map with information about having more productive sales calls.

It could make a world of difference during your sales interactions, allow you to make more sales and earn the respect and money you desire and have the lifestyle you've been working hard to afford.

After that I'll send you the odd email with useful articles about making more successful sales calls and I will offer you a product I have developed that will help you get your point across and have more productive sales calls. 

I hope you'll find the mind map thought provoking and helpful.