Sales Follow Up

Doing it Better

You clicked on the link in the previous page indicating that things do not seem to progress after a sales discussion.

It can be very frustrating , you think you've had a fruitful discussion they seem interested but then …. crickets  … deafening silence.

You may have even told your sales manager that a sale is "in the bag" or "about to happen" and now you look ….. ?

You are working hard but not seeing the sales results you want to see.

How are you going to  get out of debt, trade up your residence, afford better clothes, a better car and better holidays if the leads go cold ?

You know it's probably not your fault.

How much training were you given when you started your sales job ?

Were you given any follow up coaching or mentoring ?

And if you were given some training how useful was it ? 

Was it relevant in today's market ?

Lets start to fix that now.

On this page is a form where you can enter your name and email and answer a few simple questions. Fill in that form and I'll send you the "FOLLOW UP FILES" mind map with information about better follow up. It could be a starting point for you to keep things rolling, make more sales and earn the respect and money you desire and have the lifestyle you've been working hard to afford.

After that I'll send you the odd email with a useful article about follow up and I will offer you a product I have found and reviewed that will help with your prospecting efforts. Please note, I did not create this product. Follow up, is not my niche, it's not where I get my kicks. But if it's where you are having a problem I'm happy to pass on my recommendations.

I hope you'll find the mind map thought provoking and helpful.